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To advance the spontaneous hypertensive rat (SHR) model of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), experiments examined the SHR in tasks recognized to assess functioning of the prefrontal cortex or dorsal striatal. Tasks included odor-delayed win-shift (nonspatial working and reference memory), win-stay (habit learning), and attentional(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the attack rate for eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome and to identify potential risk factors for illness among patients attending a New York City medical clinic, who purchased L-tryptophan containing products produced exclusively by Showa Denko K.K. METHODS A case-control design was used. Cases and controls purchased L-tryptophan(More)
Ectodermal dysplasia is a hereditary disease characterized by congenital dysplasia of one or more ectodermal structure and other accessory appendages. The oral manifestations are anodontia and poor bony foundation which impairs both esthetic as well as the masticatory function. The prosthodontic management of patients with such dysplastic condition(More)
BACKGROUND Eustachian tube dysfunction is a poorly defined condition associated with various symptoms and it can predispose to middle-ear disease. Balloon dilation Eustachian tuboplasty has been proposed as a treatment for Eustachian tube dysfunction. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the subjective and objective outcomes of balloon dilation Eustachian tuboplasty in(More)
BACKGROUND A better knowledge about the Interdental space is important since it provides insights on the prevalence of malocclusion. To date, there is conflicting evidence on the impact of body mass index (BMI) and Socioeconomic status (SES) on interdental space. A recent review concluded that a greater understanding is required of the interdental space.(More)
BACKGROUND Head and neck cancer (HNC), and its treatment, is associated with significant side-effects which can affect quality of life (QOL). Physical activity (PA) is known to improve a number of QOL measures. We aimed to determine the prevalence of PA pre- and post-treatment of HNC and to determine associations with QOL. METHODS A questionnaire-based(More)
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