Tapan Kumar Roy

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Multi-item stochastic and fuzzy-stochastic inventory models are formulated under total budgetary and space constraints. Here, the inventory costs are directly proportional to the respective quantities, unit purchase/production cost is inversely related to the demand and replenishment/production rate is assumed to vary directly with demand. Shortages are(More)
Paknejad et al.’s model is considered in this paper. Itemwise multiobjective models for both exponential and uniform lead-time demand are taken and the results are compared numerically both in fuzzy optimization and intuitionistic fuzzy optimization techniques. Objective of this paper is to establish that intuitionistic fuzzy optimizaion method is better(More)
In this paper, a multi-item inventory model with space constraint is developed in both crisp and fuzzy environment. A profit maximization inventory model is proposed here to determine the optimal values of demands and order levels of a product. Selling price and unit price are assumed to be demand-dependent and holding and set-up costs sock dependent. Total(More)