Tapan Kumar Mukherjee

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SUMMARY Growth performance data of the local goats of Malaysia and their crossbreds with the German (Improved) Fawn goats were analysed using animal models with maternal effects, in order to estimate additive genetic and crossbreeding parameters. Two different genetic models, the Dickerson (1969, 1973) model and the Kinghorn (1980, 1983) model, were used to(More)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα) is the most widely studied pleiotropic cytokine of the TNF superfamily. In pathophysiological conditions, generation of TNFα at high levels leads to the development of inflammatory responses that are hallmarks of many diseases. Of the various pulmonary diseases, TNFα is implicated in asthma, chronic bronchitis (CB),(More)
  • Program Solicitation, Nicholas L Clesceri, Richard J Fragaszy, Thomas W Chapman, Delcie R Durham, Paul J Werbos +3 others
  • 2003
Through planning grants, the NSF Directorate for Engineering is exploring "Concept Development" of a new cyberinfrastructure project. This new research focus centers on a network of "Environmental Field Facilities", which would constitute a "Collaborative Large-scale Engineering Analysis Network (EAN) for Environmental Research (CLEANER)". The goal of(More)
Receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) is a membrane bound receptor and member of the immunoglobulin super family and is normally present in a highly abundant basal level expression in lung. This high expression of RAGE in lung alveolar epithelial type I (ATI) cells is presumably involved in the proliferation and differentiation of pulmonary(More)
To study the in vivo processing and secretion of Apolipoprotein A-I (Apo A-I), young chickens were administered individual L-[3H]amino acids intravenously and the time of intracellular transport of nascent Apo A-I from rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER) to the Golgi apparatus was measured. Within 3 to 9 min there was maximal incorporation of radioactivity(More)
BACKGROUND Curcumin (Ccm) has shown immense potential as an antimalarial agent; however its low solubility and less bioavailability attenuate the in vivo efficacy of this potent compound. In order to increase Ccm's bioavailability, a number of organic/inorganic polymer based nanoparticles have been investigated. However, most of the present day nano based(More)
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