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3 High-accuracy schemes have been proposed here to solve computational acoustics 4 and DNS problems. This is made possible for spatial discretization by optimizing 5 explicit and compact differencing procedures that minimize numerical error in the 6 spectral plane. While zero-diffusion nine point explicit scheme has been proposed 7 for the interior,(More)
Keywords: Combined compact difference scheme DRP property Uni-and bi-directional wave propagation Stommel Ocean model Navier–Stokes solution Lid-driven cavity problem Boundary layer a b s t r a c t A new compact scheme is presented for computing wave propagation problems and Navier–Stokes equation. A combined compact difference scheme is developed for(More)
A linear dispersive mechanism for error focusing in polychromatic solutions is identified. This local error pileup corresponds to the existence of spurious caustics, which are allowed by the dispersive nature of the numerical error. ¿From the mathematical point of view, spurious caustics are related to extrema of the numerical group velocity. Several(More)
In mulberry (Morus alba L.) plants NaCl stress imposed through roots by irrigation during growth period decreased the net photosynthetic rate (NPR), physiological water use efficiency (pWUE), which ultimately reflected on the reduction of growth parameters and leaf yield. Foliar spray of kinetin and spermidine (both at 1 mM) on salinized plants reduced the(More)