Taoyan Zhang

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BACKGROUND The knowledge on renal lymphatics is very limited and their importance is often neglected in kidney transplantation surgery practice. Early papers demonstrated that acute ligation of hilar lymphatic ducts has a significant effect on sodium excretion and urine volume. However, the long-term effects of hilar lymphatic ducts ligation on renal(More)
AIM The effect of activin A on tubulointerstitial fibrosis in diabetic nephropathy (DN) using streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats and high glucose-cultured HK-2 cells was investigated. METHODS Male Wistar rats were randomized into a normal control group (NC) and diabetes mellitus group (DM). Diabetes was induced by i.p. injection of STZ. Six rats(More)
OBJECTIVES The lymphatic circulation forms an accessory pathway to return excess fluid and proteins from the tissue spaces back to the blood stream. The effects of blockage/leakage become problematic when the usual compensatory mechanisms are overwhelmed. However, our knowledge of renal lymphatics is very limited, and their importance is almost always(More)
AIMS To further explore the mechanisms of apoptosis in mononephrectomized rats with renal lymph circulation disorder. METHODS Animals were divided into three groups: rats with left renal lymph ligation and right nephrectomy (KL), rats with only right nephrectomy (KN) and sham-operated rats (sham). 24-h proteinuria and serum creatinine level were(More)
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