Taoufiq Gadi

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The Model Driven Architecture (MDA) of the Object Management Group (OMG) represents an approach of software development based on the use of models. The transformation of models is at the heart of the MDA (Model-Driven Architecture) approach. CIM to PIM transformation can be of a great support for domain experts and business analysts, but is not mentioned(More)
In this paper, we propose a new approach to get the optimal segmentation of a 3D mesh as a human can perceive using the minima rule and spectral clustering. This method is fully unsupervised and provides a hierarchical segmentation via recursive cuts. We introduce a new concept of the adjacency matrix based on cognitive studies. We also introduce the use of(More)
In software engineering the UML (Object Management Group (OMG), 2004) is nowadays the lingua franca for object-oriented modeling. Development of systems with such modeling language is based principally on models as abstractions of real-world and/or thought concepts where different kinds of models represent different views on a system. During systems(More)
The watershed transformation is a useful tool for the 3D segmentation. However, over segmentation have become the key problems for the conventional algorithm. This paper presents two new methods for solving these problems. The first method is to establish a generic-adjacencies graph of regions resulting from the application of watershed segmentation and to(More)
3D retrieval has become an important field for applications that require 3D databases. Several descriptors have been defined in the past, most of them are based on the global geometric signature of the 3D objects and only a few of them allow a partial matching using segments of a 3D object as queries. In this paper, we propose to improve the results of(More)
This paper describes an approach for 3D triangular meshes segmentation. The method that we adopt for the 3D mesh segmentation is based on the unbiased hierarchical queue which has been used for 2D images. Our method uses the hierarchical transformation on a connected faces structure. The approach that we propose is based on the principal curvature to(More)
Specular reflections are not wanted in images because they can really reduce the performance of image processing techniques. This is particularly true for medical images and especially for colposcopic images. There are several methods in the literature allowing to extract specular reflections, but only a few methods can perform an automatic extraction. In(More)
Decision Support System designs the means and methods to go through a series of processes with the purpose of satisfying the needs of the decision-makers. Most of the existing algorithms mining rules usually produce a large number of rules suffering from the problems of thresholding, redundancy, and overlapping. There is likelihood that some of these rules(More)
In the last few years, Model Driven Architecture (MDA), introduced by the Object Management Group (OMG), has become an important approach that uses models throughout the life cycle of software design and development. It distinguishes four levels: Computation Independent Model (CIM), Platform Independent Model (PIM), Platform Specific Model (PSM) and the(More)
Three-dimensional models are more and more used in applications in which the necessity to visualize realistic objects is felt (CAD/CAO, medical simulations, games, virtual reality etc.). Consequently, the management of large sizes of 3D data collections becomes an important field. The indexation of such data allows a designer for instance to easily find(More)