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—A multi-scale (MS) approach combined to the generalized equivalent circuit (GEC) modeling is applied to compute the input impedance of pre-fractal structures with incorporated PIN diodes. Instead of treating the whole complex problem at once, the MS method splits the complex structure into a set of scale levels to be studied separately. The computation is(More)
—In this paper, an electromagnetic model based upon the method of auxiliary sources is developed around multilayered structures without any restriction of physical and geometrical macroscopic parameters. Thus, the multilayered structure is considered as a superposition of a finite number of strongly coupled and recovered layers. The extended method of(More)
—The present paper sets out to present a numerical electromagnetic (EM) method TWA for EM field modeling of planar structures. Combining both the benefits of TWA process and the modeling of planar excitation source, an optimization technique AMT is applied and evaluated in context of RF integrated-circuit applications. The computational complexity of TWA(More)
This paper considers rerouting and minimization of incurred disruption due to rerouting in all-optical wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) network with dynamic (random) traffic arrivals and departures. One limitation of such a network is the wavelength continuity constraint imposed by the all-optical cross-connect switches which do not allow a circuit to(More)
—This paper presents a new hybridization between MoM-GEC and some asymptotic methods. In fact, a new hybrid current function based on Physical Optic (PO) and a modal method is developed. The approach consists in approximating the total current on an invariant metallic pattern on two parts; the inside of metal is governed by PO method; however, the edges are(More)
In WDM all-optical networks, the wavelength continuity constraint along with the wavelength clash constraint, lead to poorer network performances when dealing with the lightpath provisioning problem. The impact of these constraints is especially severe when traffic demands are unpredictable and characterized by random arrivals and departures. To improve the(More)
—This paper proposes a new modal analysis based on Floquet's theorem which is needful for the study of a 1-D periodic phased array antenna excited by arbitrary located sources. This analysis requires an accurate estimation for calculation of the mutual coupling parameters (for example: mutual impedances or admittances. . .) between the array elements and(More)
—In this article, we developed a new method of calculation of the active microwaves circuits in micro ribbon technology. This technique is based on the iterative method where localised auxiliary sources are introduced to model the active elements of the circuit (ultra high frequency diodes). To validate this work, the results obtained are compared with(More)