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Bluetongue virus (BTV) VP2 is an important antigenic protein that can be used for the differential diagnosis of different BTV serotypes. Here, we generated a serotype-specific monoclonal antibody (mab) against BTV1. A series of peptides synthesized based on the amino acid sequence of BTV1 VP2 were screened to define 115AQPLKVGL122 as the minimal linear(More)
VP5, the outer capsid protein of bluetongue virus (BTV), plays an important role in viral penetration and antibody-mediated viral neutralization. Therefore, VP5 represents an important target for development of vaccines and diagnostic tests. In this study, we use bioinformatic tools to predict nine antigenic B cell epitopes in the VP5 protein of a BTV(More)
Positive matrix factorization (PMF) was applied to the merged high resolution mass spectra of organic and inorganic aerosols from aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) measurements to investigate the sources and evolution processes of submicron aerosols in New York City in summer 2009. This new approach is able to study the distribution of organic and inorganic(More)
Outbreaks of diarrhea in piglets cause serious economic consequences in China. Diarrhetic fecal samples from 20 Hunan farm piglets were tested and found to be positive for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) by RT-PCR, although incubation with porcine kidney (PK-15) cells failed to produce infectious PEDV. Four porcine sapelovirus (PSV) strains(More)
We present a method to separate the background image and reflection from two photos that are taken in front of a transparent glass under slightly different viewpoints. In our method, the SIFT-flow between two images is first calculated and a motion hierarchy is constructed from the SIFT-flow at multiple levels of spatial smoothness. To distinguish(More)
The Bluetongue virus (BTV) VP7 protein represents an important group-specific antigen that can serve as a basis for diagnostic tests. Here, we report the generation of a novel BTV group-specific monoclonal antibody (Mab; herein named 4H7) that recognizes a conformational epitope in the VP7 protein. We used a phage-displayed peptide screen and site-directed(More)
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