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The most existing systems of CBIR fulfill the tasks of retrieving the similar images through computing the degree of similarity of different images. Furthermore, the quality of the outcomes provided by color histogram-based image retrieval is usually rather limited. In this paper, a new image retrieval method is presented which is integrated the blocking(More)
Coexistence of a great number of various heterogeneous-configured information systems due to characteristics of trans-regional and grouping enterprises has resulted in great difficulty in information interaction and interoperability among the enterprises' systems. So it is an urgent challenge that a breakthrough should be made with the regional constraint(More)
There exist numerous image retrieval systems perform a fast similarity search in the image databases, but the quality of the outcomes provided by color histogram-based image search is usually rather limited. In this paper, an innovative approach based on blocking wavelet-histogram image similarity retrieval method and particle swam optimization (PSO), which(More)
Through thorough analysis to the contradictions during teaching of the Fundamentals of Computers, this paper points out the reasons that justify the implementation of concealed divided-layer teaching, which emphasizes the guiding function of teacher and the subject position of students. It also illustrates the definition of concealed- divided-layer teaching(More)
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To solve the problems of slow convergence and low computational precision of blind source separation(BSS) based on traditional particle swarm optimization(PSO), a novel approach-based adaptive particle swarm optimization for real-time blind source separation is proposed, in which the observations are linear convolutive mixtures of statistically independent(More)
In this paper, a system for PPPoE protocol analysis is designed and implemented. The system includes three modules: network capture module, traffic analysis module and information log module. The network packets are captured by Winpcap which can enhance high correctness and efficiency of the network capture. The mechanism of PPPoE data communication and the(More)
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