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A new approach to tracking using active contours is presented. The class of objects to be tracked is assumed to be characterized by a probability distribution over some variable, such as intensity, color, or texture. The goal of the algorithm is to find the region within the current image, such that the sample distribution of the interior of the region most(More)
Interactive or semi-automatic segmentation is a useful alternative to pure automatic segmentation in many applications. While automatic segmentation can be very challenging, a small amount of user input can often resolve ambiguous decisions on the part of the algorithm. In this work, we devise a graph cut algorithm for interactive segmentation which(More)
This paper proposes a new density matching method based on background mismatching for tracking of nonrigid moving objects. The new tracking method extends the idea behind the original density-matching tracker, which tracks an object by finding a contour in which the photometric density sampled from the enclosed region most closely matches a model density.(More)
In this paper, a steganographic algorithm in MPEG compressed video stream was proposed. In each GOP, the control information for to facilitate data extraction was embedded in I frame, in P frames and B frames, the actually transmitted data were repeatedly embedded in motion vectors of macro-blocks that have larger moving speed, for to resist video(More)
XOM-based secure processor has recently been introduced as a mechanism to provide copy and tamper resistant execution. XOM provides support for encryption/decryption and integrity checking. However, neither XOM nor any other current approach adequately addresses the problem of information leakage via the address bus. This paper shows that without address(More)
Processing-in-memory (PIM) is a promising solution to address the "memory wall" challenges for future computer systems. Prior proposed PIM architectures put additional computation logic in or near memory. The emerging metal-oxide resistive random access memory (ReRAM) has showed its potential to be used for main memory. Moreover, with its crossbar array(More)
In real-world environments, human speech is usually distorted by both reverberation and background noise, which have negative effects on speech intelligibility and speech quality. They also cause performance degradation in many speech technology applications, such as automatic speech recognition. Therefore, the dereverberation and denoising problems must be(More)