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Metagenomic Discovery of Biomass-Degrading Genes and Genomes from Cow Rumen
To characterize biomass-degrading genes and genomes, this work sequenced and analyzed 268 gigabases of metagenomic DNA from microbes adherent to plant fiber incubated in cow rumen and identified 27,755 putative carbohydrate-active genes and expressed 90 candidate proteins, of which 57% were enzymatically active against cellulosic substrates. Expand
RNA Viral Community in Human Feces: Prevalence of Plant Pathogenic Viruses
The most abundant fecal virus in this study was pepper mild mottle virus (PMMV), which was found in high concentrations—up to 109 virions per gram of dry weight fecal matter, indicating that this plant virus is prevalent in the human population. Expand
Overcoming the challenges of crossbar resistive memory architectures
The architecture improves the performance of a system using ReRAM-based main memory by about 44% over a conservative baseline and 14% over an aggressive baseline on average, and has less than 10% performance degradation compared to an ideal DRAM-only system. Expand
Effects of phosphorus addition on soil microbial biomass and community composition in three forest types in tropical China
Abstract Elevated nitrogen (N) deposition in humid tropical regions may aggravate phosphorus (P) deficiency in forest on old weathered soil found in these regions. From January 2007 to August 2009,Expand
Active contours for tracking distributions
  • D. Freedman, Tao Zhang
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • 1 April 2004
A new approach to tracking using active contours is presented, which aims to find the region within the current image, such that the sample distribution of the interior of the region most closely matches the model distribution. Expand
Genome-Wide Identification of Regulatory DNA Elements and Protein-Binding Footprints Using Signatures of Open Chromatin in Arabidopsis[C][W][OA]
It is demonstrated that protein binding footprints within a specific genomic region can be revealed using the DH site data sets in combination with known or putative protein binding motifs and gene expression data sets, and genome-wide DH site mapping will be an important tool for systematic identification of all cis-regulatory DNA elements in plants. Expand
A Survey of Model Compression and Acceleration for Deep Neural Networks
This paper survey the recent advanced techniques for compacting and accelerating CNNs model developed, roughly categorized into four schemes: parameter pruning and sharing, low-rank factorization, transferred/compact convolutional filters, and knowledge distillation. Expand
Prevalence and Associated Factors of Elder Mistreatment in a Rural Community in People's Republic of China: A Cross-Sectional Study
The findings suggest that prevention and management of elder mistreatment is a challenge facing a rapidly aging Chinese population and depression was the consistent risk factor for the three most common mistreatment subtypes. Expand
Whole-Genome Cartography of Estrogen Receptor α Binding Sites
It is found that only 22%–24% of the bona fide human ERα binding sites were overlapping conserved regions in whole genome vertebrate alignments, which suggest limited conservation of functional binding sites. Expand