Tao Zan

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Different XML formats are widely used for data exchange and processing, being often necessary to mutually convert between them. Standard XML transformation languages, like XSLT or XQuery, are unsatisfactory for this purpose since they require writing a separate transformation for each direction. Existing bidirectional transformation languages mean to cover(More)
Model synchronization plays an important role in model- driven software development. Bidirectional model transformation approaches provide techniques for developers to specify the bidirectional relationship between source and target models, while keeping related models synchronized for free. Since models of interest are usually not in a one-to-one(More)
Putback-based bidirectional programming allows the programmer to write only one putback transformation, from which the unique corresponding forward transformation is derived for free. The logic of a putback transformation is more sophisticated than that of a forward transformation and does not always give rise to well-behaved bidirectional programs; this(More)
Nerve regeneration conditioned fluid is secreted by nerve stumps inside a nerve regeneration chamber. A better understanding of the proteinogram of nerve regeneration conditioned fluid can provide evidence for studying the role of the microenvironment in peripheral nerve regeneration. In this study, we used cylindrical silicone tubes as the nerve(More)
In work on relational databases, the view-update problem is about how to translate update operations on the view table to corresponding update operations on the source table properly. It is a problem that the translation policies are not unique in many situations. Relational lenses try to solve this problem by providing a list of combinators that let the(More)
BACKGROUND Mechanical stretch, in term of skin expansion, can induce effective but limited in vivo skin regeneration for complex skin defect reconstruction. We propose a strategy to obtain regenerated skin by combining autologous stem cell transplantation with mechanical stretch. METHODS This randomized, blinded placebo-controlled trial enrolled 38 adult(More)
Architectural modeling and behavior analysis are two important concerns in the software development. They are often implemented separately, and specified by their own supporting notations. Architectural modeling helps to guarantee the system design to satisfy the requirement, and behavior analysis can ensure the interaction correctness. To improve the(More)
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