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BACKGROUND DNA variants appearing to predispose to drug-associated "acquired" long-QT syndrome (aLQTS) have been reported in congenital long-QT disease genes. However, the incidence of these genetic risk factors has not been systematically evaluated in a large set of patients with aLQTS. We have previously identified functionally important DNA variants in(More)
— Impulsive control of a chaotic system is ideal for designing digital control schemes where the control laws are generated by digital devices which are discrete in time. In this paper, several theorems on the stability of impulsive control systems are presented. These theorems are then used to find the conditions under which the chaotic systems can be(More)
Fundamental advances in high-level storage architectures and low-level storage-device interfaces greatly improve the performance and scalability of storage systems. Specifically, the decoupling of storage control (i.e., file system policy) from datapath operations (i.e., read, write) allows client applications to leverage the readily available bandwidth of(More)
This work presents a real-time system for multiple objects tracking in dynamic scenes. A unique characteristic of the system is its ability to cope with long-duration and complete occlusion without a prior knowledge about the shape or motion of objects. The system produces good segment and tracking results at a frame rate of 15-20 fps for image size of 320(More)
Based on abscisic acid (ABA) inhibition of seed germination and seedling growth assays, we isolated an ABA overly sensitive mutant (abo4-1) caused by a mutation in the Arabidopsis thaliana POL2a/TILTED1(TIL1) gene encoding a catalytic subunit of DNA polymerase epsilon. The dominant, ABA-insensitive abi1-1 or abi2-1 mutations suppressed the ABA(More)
Clustering of task graphs has been used as an intermediate step toward scheduling parallel architectures. In this paper, we identify important characteristics of clustering algorithms and propose a general framework for analyzing and evaluating such algorithms. Using this framework, we present an analytic performance comparison of four algorithms: Dominant(More)
We describe a parallel programming tool for scheduling static task graphs and generating the appropriate target code for message passing MIMD architectures. The computational complexity of the system is almost linear to the size of the task graph and preliminary experiments show performance comparable to the “best” hand-written programs.
Cases of QT prolongation and sudden death have been reported with risperidone, a neuroleptic agent increasingly prescribed worldwide. Although hypokalemia was present in some of these events, we hypothesized that risperidone may have unsuspected electrophysiologic effects predisposing patients to proarrhythmia. In six isolated guinea pig hearts, risperidone(More)
Cardiac calsequestrin (Casq2) is thought to be the key sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) Ca2+ storage protein essential for SR Ca2+ release in mammalian heart. Human CASQ2 mutations are associated with catecholaminergic ventricular tachycardia. However, homozygous mutation carriers presumably lacking functional Casq2 display surprisingly normal cardiac(More)