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Synthesis and scale inhibitor performance of polyaspartic acid.
Polyaspartic acid (PASP) has been extensively studied in recent years as a green scale inhibitor. PASP was synthesized by thermal polycondensation of maleic anhydride and ammonium carbonate in thisExpand
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Neural AILC for Error Tracking Against Arbitrary Initial Shifts
This paper concerns with the adaptive iterative learning control using neural networks for systems performing repetitive tasks over a finite time interval. Expand
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Dense Scene Flow Based Coarse-to-Fine Rigid Moving Object Detection for Autonomous Vehicle
An efficient coarse-to-fine algorithm is proposed for moving object detection in dynamic scenes for autonomous driving. Expand
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In Situ Leaching of Trace Elements in a Coal Ash Dump and Time Dependence Laboratory Evaluation
This paper investigates the leaching behavior of trace elements in a typical ash dump in the Guizhou province of western China. The ash samples obtained from a power plant were sieved into threeExpand
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A novel electrochemical ion exchange system and its application in water treatment.
A novel electrochemical ion exchange system with porous cylinder electrodes is proposed for treatment of wastewater. This system can be used for desalination without the costly ion-exchange membraneExpand
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Sub-chronically exposing mice to a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon increases lipid accumulation in their livers.
The potential for exposing humans and wildlife to environmental polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) has increased. Risk assessments describing how PAHs disturb lipid metabolism and induceExpand
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Protective effects of astaxanthin on a combination of D-galactose and jet lag-induced aging model in mice.
Oxidative stress caused free radical and mitochondrial damage plays a critical role in the progression of aging and age-related damage at the cellular and tissue levels. Antioxidant supplementationExpand
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Design and fabrication of AlN RF MEMS switch for near-zero power RF wake-up receivers
We describe an AlN-based resonant switch (resoswitch) for use in a Near-Zero (NZero) RF Wake-up receiver. A folded beam structure compensates for the curvature caused by the stress gradient inExpand
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Spatio-Temporal Variation in Nutrient Profiles and Exchange Fluxes at the Sediment-Water Interface in Yuqiao Reservoir, China
Nutrients released from sediments have a significant influence on the water quality in eutrophic lakes and reservoirs. To clarify the internal nutrient load and provide reference for eutrophicationExpand
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Population diversity analysis of The Adaptive Partly Informed PSO algorithm
In this paper, probabilistic analysis on swarm diversity in Adaptive Partly Informed Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm was conducted. Expand
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