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This paper reviews the advantages and shortages of the covariance intersection (CI) and ellipsoidal intersection (EI) methods for decentralized state fusion with unknown correlation, and makes some progress on both of them. New results are: a). For CI method, the convexity property is proved for the two classical cost functions (i.e., trace and natural(More)
Longquan celadon not only has been loved widely by the domestic and international ceramic lovers, but also imitated by the kiln workers from different places. Among all of the imitated celadons, the most representative products appeared in Ming and Qing dynasties. This paper used EDXRF to test 38 pieces of Longquan celadon of Song, Yuan and Ming dynasty and(More)
In multi-sensor spatial registration process, the ill-posedness of the information matrix is the main factor which affects the quality of the registration result. This paper focuses on this problem and makes some progress. For simplicity and without loss of generality, we firstly revisit the least square registration algorithm and analyze the ill-posedness(More)
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