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We propose an energy-aware video streaming system for portable computing devices, in which the video can be played back for the specified duration within the remaining battery amount. To save power, we introduce techniques (i) to reduce playback quality of a video at an intermediate proxy and (ii) to shorten working time of the network I/F card using(More)
2177 REFERENCES [1] H. Akcay and B. Ninness, " Orthonormal basis functions for continuous time systems and Lp convergence, " Math. A practical approach to performance analysis of saturated systems with application to fighter aircraft flight controllers, " in Anti-windup design with guaranteed regions of stability: An LMI-based approach, " IEEE Trans.(More)
Researchers and social observers have both believed that hashtags, as a new type of organizational objects of information, play a dual role in online microblogging communities (e.g., Twitter). On one hand, a hashtag serves as a bookmark of content, which links tweets with similar topics; on the other hand, a hashtag serves as the symbol of a community(More)
The consistency of classification algorithm plays a central role in statistical learning theory. A consistent algorithm guarantees us that taking more samples essentially suffices to roughly reconstruct the unknown distribution. We consider the consistency of ERM scheme over classes of combinations of very simple rules (base classifiers) in multiclass(More)