Tao S. Hsieh

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Defects in DNA replication and chromosome condensation are common phenotypes in cancer cells. A link between replication and condensation has been established, but little is known about the role of checkpoints in monitoring chromosome condensation. We investigate this function by live analysis, using the rapid division cycles in the early Drosophila embryo.(More)
ErbB2 (HER-2) gene amplification and overexpression have been shown to predict a better outcome with doxorubicin-based chemotherapy as opposed to alkylator-based chemotherapy in early stage breast cancer. To understand the mechanism of differential response to these two regimens, we have evaluated the effect of signaling through the ErbB2 receptor on(More)
DNA topoisomerase I (topo I) from Drosophila melanogaster contains a nonconserved, hydrophilic N-terminal domain of about 430 residues upstream of the conserved core domains. Deletion of this N terminus did not affect the catalytic activity of topo I, while further removal of sequences into the conserved regions inactivated its enzymatic activity. We have(More)
We have isolated a new female sterile mutant from Drosophila melanogaster, which arrests the embryonic development during the transition from syncytial to cellular blastoderm. Cytological analysis of the mutant embryos indicates that pseudocleavage furrows in the syncytial blastoderm are abnormal but not completely disrupted. However, cleavage furrows(More)
We synthesized a DNA probe specific for the gene encoding eucaryotic DNA topoisomerase I by the polymerase chain reaction. The sequences of the primers for this reaction were deduced from the regions with extensive homology among the enzymes from the fission and budding yeasts, and the human. From the clones isolated by screening a Drosophila cDNA library(More)
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