Tao Peng

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The interoperability between the e-business platforms is the precondition of bringing it into effect. The automatic test model proposed in this article can execute the interoperability testing between Message Service Handlers applied in the e-business platforms. In addition, the model has the advantage of good extension. The test cases and the other(More)
In order to improve the real-time performance of the conventional correlation tracking algorithm based on full search method, for its huge computation amount and vast correlation matching times in the process of searching an optimal matching position, a method of combining the TMS320C64x DSP assembly language and software pipelining is proposed to realize(More)
DEA method can be used to establish input-output model to evaluate the input-output of the construction of enterprise informatization. The index weight has an important effect on the results of the evaluation. By joining the weight limit into DEA input-output models, it can objectively reflect the extent that the decision makers pay attention to different(More)
Electronic Business (e-Business) system is a typical heterogeneous information system, which is concerned with various data types, communication protocols, business processes, and exchanged business contents between these systems. The interoperability assurance between e-Business systems is a key issue for the implementation and application of a seamless(More)
This paper investigated the just-in-time material replenishment problem in a mixed-model assembly line. Given the limited vehicle capacities and no stock-outs constraint, an integer programming model was established to minimize the maximum surplus stock of each item of a work center over all tours. To tackle this complex combinatorial optimization problem,(More)
— Multiple Input Multiple Output–Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) is one of the key technologies in the next generation broadband wireless communication systems. It is very sensitive to coarse synchronization. With the distributed architecture, the coarse synchronization becomes more difficult and more complex. The goal of this paper(More)
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