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In network forensic system, there are huge amount of data should be processed, and the data contains redundant and noisy features causing slow training and testing process, high resource consumption as well as poor detection rate. In this paper, a schema is proposed to reduce the data of the forensics using manifold learning. Manifold learning is a popular(More)
A novel domain decomposition approach for modeling electrically small details within large computational domains is proposed. The approach tackles the conditioning issues associated with highly non-uniform finite element meshes resulting from direct discretization of fine geometrical details. The proposed method addresses this particular challenge,(More)
— Multiple Input Multiple Output–Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) is one of the key technologies in the next generation broadband wireless communication systems. It is very sensitive to coarse synchronization. With the distributed architecture, the coarse synchronization becomes more difficult and more complex. The goal of this paper(More)
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