Tao Peng

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We describe a new approach for elucidating the nonlinear degrees of freedom in a distribution of shapes depicted in digital images. By combining a deformation-based method for measuring distances between two shape configurations together with multidimensional scaling, a method for determining the number of degrees of freedom in a shape distribution is(More)
Biological shape modeling is an essential task that is required for systems biology efforts to simulate complex cell behaviors. Statistical learning methods have been used to build generative shape models based on reconstructive shape parameters extracted from microscope image collections. However, such parametric modeling approaches are usually limited to(More)
We propose a novel method for detecting characteristic informative phenotype patterns from biomedical images. By building a metric space quantifying the difference between images, we learn the distributions of different classes, and then detect the characteristic regions using graph partition. We show that the detected regions are statistically significant.(More)
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