Tao Pan

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We have examined in vitro the morphology and visual response properties of retinal ganglion cells innervating a component of the cat's lateral geniculate nucleus known as the geniculate wing (or retinorecipient zone of the pulvinar). Ganglion cells were first labeled in situ by retrograde transport of fluorescent microspheres from the geniculate wing.(More)
Speculative and clone execution are existing techniques to overcome the problems of task stragglers and performance degradation in heterogeneous clusters for big data processing. In this paper, we propose an alternative approach to solving the problems based on analysis results of profiling and the relations of the system parameters. Our approach adj usts(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this biomechanical study was to evaluate the stability provided by a newly developed shape memory alloy hook (SMAH) in a cadaveric transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) model. METHODS Six human cadaveric spines (L1-S2) were tested in an in vitro flexibility experiment by applying pure moments of ±8 Nm in(More)