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A new quadratic global placer called POLAR is proposed. POLAR is based on novel techniques for rough legalization and wirelength refinement. During look-ahead rough legalization (LAL), relative positions of cells are maintained as they are relocated with minimal displacement to relieve excess area density. For each "hotspot" where placement overfill occurs,(More)
The histories of crop domestication and breeding are recorded in genomes. Although tomato is a model species for plant biology and breeding, the nature of human selection that altered its genome remains largely unknown. Here we report a comprehensive analysis of tomato evolution based on the genome sequences of 360 accessions. We provide evidence that(More)
Nuclei of arbuscular endomycorrhizal fungi have been described as highly diverse due to their asexual nature and absence of a single cell stage with only one nucleus. This has raised fundamental questions concerning speciation, selection and transmission of the genetic make-up to next generations. Although this concept has become textbook knowledge, it is(More)
Recently a probability interpretation of moments was proposed as a compromise between the Elmore delay and higher order moment matching for RC timing estimation[5]. By modeling RC impulses as time-shifted incomplete gamma distribution functions, the delays could be obtained via table lookup using a gamma integral table and the first three moments of the(More)
In this paper a design concept is proposed to accomplish a full function Web server on a strictly limited resource space. Through this embedded Web server user can access their equipments remotely. The equipment mentioned here could be home appliances and factory devices. This paper is focused on realization of the TCP/IP suite and user development platform(More)