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Adaptive dimension reduction using discriminant analysis and K-means clustering
We combine linear discriminant analysis (LDA) and K-means clustering into a coherent framework to adaptively select the most discriminative subspace. Expand
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LogSig: generating system events from raw textual logs
We propose a message signature based algorithm logSig to generate system events from textual log messages from raw textual logs. Expand
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Using discriminant analysis for multi-class classification: an experimental investigation
We evaluate the performance of discriminant analysis on a large collection of benchmark datasets and investigate its usage in text categorization. Expand
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An intelligent PE-malware detection system based on association mining
The proliferation of malware has presented a serious threat to the security of computer systems. Expand
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The Relationships Among Various Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Methods for Clustering
  • Tao Li, C. Ding
  • Computer Science
  • Sixth International Conference on Data Mining…
  • 18 December 2006
We present an overview and summary on various matrix factorization algorithms and theoretically analyze the relationships among them and empirically evaluate and compare various factorization methods. Expand
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Two-Surface Plasticity Model for Cyclic Undrained Behavior of Clays
Based on a new type of kinematic hardening and the theory of critical state soil mechanics, a two-surface model is herein developed for predicting the undrained behavior of saturated cohesive soilsExpand
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Overlapping clusters of gray matter deficits in paranoid schizophrenia and psychotic bipolar mania with family history
The purpose of this study was to assess volumetric abnormalities of gray matter throughout the entire brain in patients with paranoid schizophrenia or with bipolar mania compared with control groups.Expand
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Gestational and lactational exposure to bisphenol-A affects anxiety- and depression-like behaviors in mice
Bisphenol-A (BPA), an environmental endocrine disruptor, has attracted attention because of its adverse effects on the brain and behavioral development. Previous evidence indicates that perinatalExpand
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Mapping thalamocortical networks in rat brain using resting-state functional connectivity
We used an awake animal imaging approach to systematically map thalamocortical connectivity for multiple thalamic nuclei in rats. Expand
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Antipsychotic polypharmacy in schizophrenia patients in China and its association with treatment satisfaction and quality of life: Findings of the third national survey on use of psychotropic
Objective: This study examined the use, demographic and clinical correlates of antipsychotic polypharmacy (APP) and its associations with treatment satisfaction and quality of life (QOL) inExpand
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