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An Overview: Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniques for OFDM Signals
  • Tao Jiang, Yiyan Wu
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting
  • 23 May 2008
We review and analyze different OFDM PAPR reduction techniques, based on computational complexity, bandwidth expansion, spectral spillage and performance. Expand
Efficient and robust feature extraction by maximum margin criterion
In pattern recognition, feature extraction techniques are widely employed to reduce the dimensionality of data and to enhance the discriminatory information. Expand
On the Complexity of Multiple Sequence Alignment
We study the computational complexity of two popular problems in multiple sequence alignment: multiple alignment with SP-score and multiple tree alignment. Expand
Minimal NFA Problems are Hard
Finite automata (FA’s) are of fundamental importance in theory and in applications. Expand
IsoLasso: A LASSO Regression Approach to RNA-Seq Based Transcriptome Assembly
The new second generation sequencing technology revolutionizes many biology-related research fields and poses various computational biology challenges. Expand
On the Complexity of Comparing Evolutionary Trees
We study the computational complexity and approximation of several problems arising in the comparison of evolutionary trees. Expand
A General Edit Distance between RNA Structures
In this paper, we propose the notion of edit distance to measure the similarity between two RNA secondary and tertiary structures, by incorporating various edit operations performed on both bases and arcs. Expand
On the Approximation of Shortest Common Supersequences and Longest Common Subsequences
The problems of finding shortest common supersequences (SCS) and longest common subsequences (LCS) are two well-known {\bf NP}-hard problems that have applications in many areas including computational molecular biology, data compression, robot motion planning and scheduling, text editing, etc. Expand
Federated Learning via Over-the-Air Computation
The stringent requirements for low-latency and privacy of the emerging high-stake applications with intelligent devices such as drones and smart vehicles make the cloud computing inapplicable in these scenarios. Expand
Alignment of Trees - An Alternative to Tree Edit
In this paper, we propose the alignment of trees as a measure of the similarity between two labeled trees. Expand