Tao H. Yang

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The more-electric aircraft (MEA) is one major trend for future aircraft. With increased number of power electronic converters (PECs) and electrical loads, the system performance and the power management for on board electrical loads are therefore key issues and need to be addressed during the design process. The increased amount of PECs makes the(More)
This paper investigates application of dynamic phasors for accelerated study of electric power system dynamics. Four different modelling techniques are applied to simulate the example system that includes synchronous generator, transmission line and load, under both normal and faulty operation. Effectiveness of dynamic phasor concept for electric power(More)
419 Fig. 6. Response with RG, torque constraints, and the constraint j 1 0 2 j 0:2 rad. The generated reference input is depicted (thin line) together with the joint trajectories (thick lines). is taken into account by the RG, and the related simulated trajectories are depicted in Fig 6 with r1(t) = r2(t) 4 ; T = 0:001 s. The slight chatter on the and(More)
Starting an aircraft engine with an electrical machine has been one of the major trends for future aircraft. This paper studies the stability of a permanent-magnet machine (PMM) based aircraft starter/generator (S/G) system. Using control-to-output transfer functions, the stability analysis of this S/G system is thoroughly studied. The impact of the key(More)
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