Tao Fujiwara

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This paper gives a numerical expression for power losses at high frequencies (100 kHz to 2 MHz) in Mn-Zn ferrites, which are used as the core materials of transformers and inductors for switching power supplies. The power losses of some commercial ferrites were measured, and a new type of empirical formula was derived to express the power loss as a function(More)
This paper describes an analysis of the characteristics of current transformers (CTs), taking the dynamic hysteresis loops of the magnetic core into consideration. The analysis is performed using a complex permeability to represent the magnetic hysteresis. This method is applied to CTs with radio-frequency currents for switching power supplies, and the(More)
New flavone glycoside, genkwanin 4'-O-β-glucopyranosyl-(1 --> 2)-O-α-rhamnopyranoside was isolated from the fronds of new chemotype of Asplenium normale D. Don, together with two known C-glycosylflavones, vicenin-2 and lucenin-2. The chemical structure of the isolated glycoside was established by UV, LC-MS, characterization of acid hydrolysates, and 1H and(More)
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