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Securing the sensitive data stored and accessed from mobile devices makes user authentication a problem of paramount importance. The tension between security and usability renders however the task of user authentication on mobile devices a challenging task. This paper introduces FAST (Fingergestures Authentication System using Touchscreen), a novel(More)
Due to the dramatical increase in popularity of mobile devices in the last decade, more sensitive user information is stored and accessed on these devices everyday. However, most existing technologies for user authentication only cover the login stage or only work in restricted controlled environments or GUIs in the post login stage. In this work, we(More)
—Modeling wireless channels is essential to wireless communication systems. An autoregressive (AR) process of order one for wireless channel has long been assumed, but without a rigorous mathematical/physical basis. In this paper, we derive a first-order stochastic AR model for a flat stationary wireless channel, which comes from stochastic differential(More)
Large genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been performed to detect common genetic variants involved in common diseases, but most of the variants found this way account for only a small portion of the trait variance. Furthermore, candidate gene-based resequencing suggests that many rare genetic variants contribute to the trait variance of common(More)
Clinical profiles of Parkinson's disease (PD) related to LRRK2 (LRRK2-PD), and GBA (GBA-PD) genes have not been reported in Chinese individuals. In this study, we have investigated motor and non-motor aspects in 1638 Chinese PD patients who carried LRRK2 G2385R or R1628P (LRRK2-PD, n = 223), GBA L444P variant (GBA-PD, n = 49), or none of the variants(More)
Codebooks (also called signal sets) meeting the Welch bound on the maximum correlation amplitude are called MWBE codebooks and are desirable in code-division multiple-access systems. Two different but related constructions of MWBE codebooks from difference sets were developed by Xia and Ding recently. The objectives of this correspondence are to present a(More)