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Salidroside (1) is the most important bioactive component of Rhodiola (also called as "Tibetan Ginseng"), which is a valuable medicinal herb exhibiting several adaptogenic properties. Due to the inefficiency of plant extraction and chemical synthesis, the supply of salidroside (1) is currently limited. Herein, we achieved unprecedented biosynthesis of(More)
BACKGROUND AIM Massively parallel sequencing (MPS) holds promise for expanding cancer translational research and diagnostics. As yet, it has been applied on paraffin DNA (FFPE) with commercially available highly multiplexed gene panels (100s of DNA targets), while custom panels of low multiplexing are used for re-sequencing. Here, we evaluated the(More)
Short branched-chain acyl-CoAs are important building blocks for a wide variety of pharmaceutically valuable natural products. Escherichia coli has been used as a heterologous host for the production of a variety of natural compounds for many years. In the current study, we engineered synthesis of isobutyryl-CoA and isovaleryl-CoA from glucose in E. coli by(More)
Multiple sequence alignment among 12 complete SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) sequences reveals that the major parts of 29708 b of the genomes have 99.82% identical bases. Forty two nucleotide mismatches were found in addition to the five and six gaps in two genomes. Among them, 28 mismatches result in changes of amino acid in the encoded proteins. Analysis of(More)
To better understand how β-cells respond to proinflammatory cytokines we mapped the locations of histone 3 lysine 4 monomethylation (H3K4me1), a post-translational histone modification enriched at active and poised cis-regulatory regions, in IFNγ, Il-1β, and TNFα treated pancreatic islets. We identified 96,721 putative cis-regulatory loci, of which 3,590(More)
Pathology driving β-cell loss in diabetes is poorly defined. Chronic subclinical inflammation is associated with β-cell dysfunction. Acute in vitro exposure of islets and β-cells to an inflammatory cytokine cocktail (IL-1β/TNF-α/IFN-γ) results in loss of cell function and viability. The contribution of each cytokine alone or in combination has been(More)
Soluble organometallic polymers containing zirconium and silicon were synthesized by a salt metathesis reaction. The molecular weight of the polymers was measured by GPC and the corresponding structures were identified by (13)C NMR and FT-IR. After heat treatment of the polymers under argon at 1400 °C for 2 h, ZrC/SiC composites with different molar ratios(More)
In order to maximize the production of biologically-derived chemicals, kinetic analyses are first necessary for predicting the role of enzyme components and coordinating enzymes in the same reaction system. Precorrin-2 is a key precursor of cobalamin and siroheme synthesis. In this study, we sought to optimize the concentrations of several molecules(More)
The secretion of insulin by the pancreas has been the object of much attention over the past several decades. Insulin is known to be secreted by pancreatic β-cells in response to hyperglycemia: its blood concentrations however exhibit both high-frequency (period approx. 10 minutes) and low-frequency oscillations (period approx. 1.5 hours). Furthermore,(More)
Are IA-2 and RESP18 Involved in Trait of Blood Pressure? To the Editor: Congenic rat strains are important tools for the genetic dissection of essential hypertension.1 Garrett et al recently demonstrated that a blood pressure (BP) quantitative trait locus (QTL) exists within a newly defined 117-kb QTL region on rat chromosome 9.2 By using microarray(More)