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This paper presents detailed review in the field of off-line cursive script recognition. Various methods are analyzed that have been proposed to realize the core of script recognition in a word recognition system. These methods are discussed in view of the two most important properties of such systems: size and nature of the lexicon involved and whether or(More)
  • Y. Kowyama, T. Saba, T. Tsuji, T. Kawase
  • 2004
Developmental stages during gametogenesis of rice were histologically examined in the period from differentiation of reproductive organs to anthesis. Plants were exposed to acute X-rays of 20 Gy. Radiosensitivity and mutation frequency were investigated in relation to the developmental stages of reproductive organs. The most radiosensitive stage, as(More)
Neural network are most popular in the research community due to its generalization abilities. Additionally, it has been successfully implemented in biometrics, features selection, object tracking, document image preprocessing and classification. This paper specifically, clusters, summarize, interpret and evaluate neural networks in document Image(More)
Information security paradigm is under a constant threat in enterprises particularly. The extension of World Wide Web and rapid expansion in size and types of documents involved in enterprises has generated many challenges. Extensive research has been conducted to determine the effective solutions to detect and respond but still the space is felt for(More)
This paper presents a state of the art review of features extraction for soccer video summarization research. The all existing approaches with regard to event detection, video summarization based on video stream and application of text sources in event detection have been surveyed. As regard the current challenges for automatic and real time provision of(More)
Character segmentation is a challenging problem in the field of optical character recognition. Presence of touched characters make this dilemma more crucial. The goal of this paper is to provide major concepts and progress in domain of off-line cursive touched character segmentation. Accordingly, two broad classes of technique are identified. These include(More)