Tanya Smirnova

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BACKGROUND The interactions of individuals participating in space simulation studies can give us valuable information about ways that space crew members relate with one another. A promising method of investigating such interactions is based on the Kelly repertory grid technique. HYPOTHESES We predicted that in a space simulation crew: 1) one's personal(More)
Dynamics of indices characterizing the process of adaptation of operators to complicated conditions of vital activity was studied with psychophysiological monitoring. This technique is based on the complex analysis of subjective and objective estimations of the current psychoemotional state and physiological and biochemical indices. We analyzed the data(More)
The NOAA Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) is a mesoscale atmospheric data analysis and prediction system configured with a hybrid isentropic-sigma vertical coordinate and run operationally at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). The RUC model is the only quasi-isentropic forecast model running operationally in the world. Primary users include(More)
Adaptation mechanisms of adrenal function related to secretion of cortisol were studied under conditions of microgravity. Parameters of diurnal rhythms of salivary cortisol were studied by Russian cosmonauts on board orbital station Mir during long-term space flights (SF). The preflight circadian rhythms of salivary cortisol in cosmonauts were characterized(More)
Changes in the water and sodium balances and in the states of the fluid compartments of the human body observed in experiments performed with healthy subjects exposed to long-term (120 days) antiorthostatic hypokinesia (ANOH) were analyzed. A hypothesis was suggested that the normal dietary consumption of sodium could be associated with the accumulation of(More)
The biorhythmological structure of water-electrolyte metabolism was studied in humans during 7-day "dry" immersion. Results were processed with a set of mathematical methods in order to identify a parameter which would allow to obtain scientifically valid, reliable data without violation of any ethic constraints inherent to investigations with healthy(More)
Methodology of estimating the integral health and aging level is based on the system index of biological age (BA). The paper introduces the reader to the BA principles and structure, search for meaningful aging biomarkers, useful tests, and applications in present-day biomedicine. The concept of BA is directly linked with the theory of organism vitality. BA(More)
With the use of dispersion analysis the variation of indices of central and peripheral hemodynamics in healthy volunteers stayed from 1 to 7 days under conditions of "dry" immersion (DI) was studied. Nine persons were investigated at rest, 5 individuals during orthostatic tests before and after dry immersion sessions. The central hemodynamic indices were(More)