Tanya Monger

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Cellular immunity to vaccines is highly variable during infancy. This study addressed the hypothesis that these responses are governed by the pace of maturational changes in adaptive immune competence, in particular, cellular functions that underlie the postnatal transition from Th2 to Th1 "bias." Tetanus-specific cytokine responses were tracked in(More)
Immune responses to exogenous antigens in infant experimental animals display various degrees of Th2 polarization. Preliminary evidence from small human studies suggest a similar age-dependent response pattern to vaccines, but detailed investigations on vaccine immunity during infancy have not yet been undertaken. We report below the results of a(More)
Psychological responses to personal relative deprivation based on self/outgroup comparisons (named self/outgroup PRD) were explored among women in science, engineering, and technology according to the Psychological Disengagement Model. Three studies revealed that the experience of self/outgroup PRD increased women's likelihood of discounting the feedback(More)
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