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The capacity of gated hosts for controlling a kinetic discrimination between stereoisomers is yet to be understood. To conduct corresponding studies, however, one needs to develop chiral, but modular and gated hosts. Accordingly, we used computational (RI-BP86/TZVP//RI-BP86/SV(P)) and experimental (NMR/CD/UV/Vis spectroscopy) methods to examine the transfer(More)
Hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata), originally thought to be almost exclusively spongivorous (Meylan 1988), were later found to have a more diverse diet, feeding in the wild on sessile invertebrates such as sponges, zooanthids, soft corals, corallimorphs, ascidians and mobile invertebrates (Leon and Bjorndal 2002). We report here hawksbill predation(More)
The 3M Company product Novec™ 71IPA DL, a mixture of methoxyperfluorobutane, methoxyperfluoroisobutane and 4.5 wt.% isopropyl alcohol, has been found to be very stable at ambient temperature, producing fluoride at the rate of ~1 ppm/year. Our earlier kinetic and theoretical studies have identified the reaction mechanism. This paper identifies the (1)H and(More)
Nanoparticles are used in a variety of consumer applications. Silica nanoparticles in particular are common, including as a component of foods. There are concerns that ingested nano-silica particles can cross the intestinal epithelium, enter the circulation, and accumulate in tissues and organs. Thus, tracking these particles is of interest, and(More)
The preparation, structures and solution NMR properties of the title compounds are reported and, remarkably, the compounds (Tp(C)*)(2)M, where M = Ca and Mg, exist as salts in the solid state and undergo facile Tp(C)* ligand exchange in solution.
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