Tanya Kenny

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Despite an increasing academic interest in the nature of nursing models, nurses do not tend to use them in practice. This article examines the future of nursing models as a framework for delivering client care and questions their effectiveness in a practical setting.
This paper will identify and analyse those factors which contribute to the erosion of individuality and identity for those elderly people who are admitted to hospital for care on 'elderly wards'. There is a need to focus attention on and consider the effects of the present system of care provided for the elderly while in hospital as this care can perpetuate(More)
It is a requirement of the new European directive on health protection of individuals against the dangers of ionising radiation in relation to medical exposure (97/43/EURATOM), that acceptance testing is carried out on all radiological equipment before its first use for clinical purposes. This directive must be implemented into member state law. In(More)
Oncology is driven by an exponentially increasing complexity. As an example, the use of molecular profiling or the determination of molecularly based biomarkers for the selection of the appropriate targeted therapy has now become routine in clinical practice. Such developments must be covered during education and integrated at all levels, from basic medical(More)
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