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abstraCt The development of applications by end users has become an integral part of organizational information provision. It has been established that there are both benefits and risks associated with end-user development, particularly in the areas of spreadsheets and databases. Web development tools are enabling a new kind of end user development. The(More)
Spreadsheets are the most commonly used tool for end user development of applications, and organizations depend heavily upon them for decision making. This paper reports on a study to investigate the role of spreadsheet knowledge in the successful use of spreadsheet applications. It considers both the spreadsheet knowledge of the user developer and the(More)
The client-server model is fast becoming the most common form of network architecture used in data communications. It's popularity can be seen in the phenomenal expansion of the World Wide Web. It is essential that students understand the client-server model, and that they learn how to design client-server networks and to analyze their performance. This(More)
INTRODUCTION Computer security is a major issue facing the world we inhabit. Computer systems in a multitude of institutions and organizations hold our personal information. Furthermore, we rely on the safe working of computer systems to not only protect that data, but allow us to take advantage of the benefits technology has to offer. Various kinds of(More)