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BACKGROUND Bilingualism results in an added advantage with respect to cognitive control. The interaction between bilingual language control and general purpose cognitive control systems can also be understood by studying executive control among individuals with bilingual aphasia. objectives: The current study examined the subcomponents of cognitive control(More)
10 Development of segmentation protocols using magnetic resonance imaging to study the morphology of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis: Applications to project ice storm Introduction: Research on exergaming is accumulating, but little is known about users' preferences or intentions of exergaming behaviours in a natural environment (non-intervention(More)
Keywords: Bilingualism Aging Functional connectivity Neural networks Small-world networks Interference control Simon task a b s t r a c t The bilingual advantage in interference control tasks has been studied with the Simon task, among others. The mixed evidence from the existing studies has led to contradictions in the literature regarding the bilingual(More)
INTRODUCTION If ever attained, adopting native-like accent is achieved late in the learning process. Resemblance between L2 and mother tongue can facilitate L2 learning. In particular, cognates (phonologically and semantically similar words across languages), offer the opportunity to examine the issue of foreign accent in quite a unique manner. METHODS(More)
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