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A retrospective review of 1293 cases of low back pain treated over a 12-year period revealed that sacroiliac joint syndrome and posterior joint syndromes were the most common referred-pain syndromes, whereas herniated nucleus pulposus and lateral spinal stenosis were the most common nerve root compression lesions. Referred pain syndromes occur nearly twice(More)
Acromioclavicular (AC) dislocation with a concomitant coracoid process fracture occurs infrequently. This fracture should be suspected with all AC dislocations occurring in the first three decades of life. An axillary lateral radiograph or tomogram often is needed to detect the fracture. Surgical treatment can produce good results, but equally satisfactory(More)
Operative treatment for cervical spondylotic myelopathy and myeloradiculopathy by anterior decompression produced functional improvement of one grade (Nurick's rating system) in 16 of 21 patients evaluated at 32 months average follow-up period. The best results occurred in patients with symptoms for less than one year and classified as grades I-III. The(More)
Intraoperative technical complications of pedicle screw fixation include screw cutout or maldirection and pedicle fracture. The aims of this study were 1) to use computed tomography to determine the average pedicle diameter; and 2) to compare these measurements with the outer diameter measurements of commonly used pedicle screws. The pedicle diameters of(More)
STUDY DESIGN Patients who had lumbar spine surgeries and experienced residual symptoms were prospectively studied using computed tomography/discography and enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. OBJECTIVES Determining the sensitivity and specificity of gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging versus computed tomography/discography in distinguishing(More)
The purpose of this study was to further establish the efficacy of pedicle screw stimulation as a monitoring technique to avoid nerve root injury during screw placement. The study population consisted of 662 patients in whom 3,409 pedicle screws were placed and tested by electrical stimulation. If stimulation resulted in a myogenic response at a stimulation(More)
Two hundred fifty patients with low-back pain who underwent lumbar discography followed by computed tomography (CT) are the subject of this prospective study. In 93% of the patients, these combined imaging techniques provided additional useful diagnostic information that affected patient management and the selection of treatment alternatives. Lumbar(More)
Forty-two cases of congenital scoliosis, four cases of congenital kyphosis and one case of congenital lordosis were reviewed retrospectively from 1975 through 1982, with an average follow-up of 5.09 years. Associated anomalies occurred in 62.5% of the cases, with Sprengel's deformity and Klippel-Feil syndrome being the most common musculoskeletal anomalies.(More)