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OBJECTIVE To develop, apply, and evaluate an educational model for the primary prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) that was based on the sexual knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAPs) of adolescents and on their perceptions and behaviors in this area, with the ultimate goal of helping develop(More)
The Golgi-Cox method was used to study the maturation of the large pyramidal cells of the Vth cortical layer in three groups of adult rats: one subjected to undernutrition during the first month of life, another throughout the first 2 mth of life, and the last one during gestation and the suckling period. The main alterations consist of a decrease in the(More)
Oral high-dose glycine administration has been used as an adjuvant treatment for schizophrenia to enhance glutamate neurotransmission and mitigate glutamate system hypofunction thought to contribute to the disorder. Prior studies in schizophrenia subjects documented clinical improvements after 2 weeks of oral glycine administration, suggesting that brain(More)
The Golgi-Cox method was used to study the maturation of the large pyramidal cells of the Vth cortical layer in two groups of adult rats, one subjected to early postnatal malnutrition and another malnourished only during the second month of life. The main alterations were observed in the pyramidal cells of cortical layer V of rats malnourished during the(More)
OBJECTIVE Failure to reach research subject recruitment goals is a significant impediment to the success of many clinical trials. Implementation of health-information technology has allowed retrospective analysis of data for cohort identification and recruitment, but few institutions have also leveraged real-time streams to support such activities. DESIGN(More)
Work-related injury data suggest that agricultural workers in North Carolina are experiencing high rates of injury and death compared with workers in other occupations. However, current occupational injury data sources are insufficient to calculate accurate injury and mortality rates. We propose recommendations to improve existing farm injury surveillance,(More)
Chronic cocaine abusers experience brain and peripheral vascular dysfunction, the severity of which tends to be greater in men than women. The mechanisms underlying these effects of cocaine are unknown. Because nitric oxide (NO) abnormalities play key roles in development of vascular dysfunction in several disorders, we determined whether vascular nitric(More)
A screening program for the early diagnosis of phenylketonuria was initiated 24 months ago in the Servicio de Salud Metropolitano Central. Since then, 2 cases with phenylketonuria have been early diagnosed. These patients started their nutritional treatment, consisting of a phenylalanine restricted diet at 14 and 17 days of age. The children are submitted(More)