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BACKGROUND AND AIMS i-gel(®), a recently introduced supraglottic airway device (SAD) has been claimed to be an efficient supraglottic airway. It can also be used as a conduit for endotracheal intubation. However, LMA Fastrach(®) frequently used for this purpose; hence in this randomized study, success rate of blind tracheal intubation through two different(More)
There are reports that suggest that magnesium sulphate alone may control muscle spasms thereby avoiding sedation and mechanical ventilation in tetanus, but this has not been confirmed. We examined the efficacy and safety of intravenous magnesium sulphate for control of rigidity and spasms in adults with tetanus. A prospective clinical study of intravenous(More)
Ondansetron is a potent antiemetic and a competitive antagonist at serotonin receptors, which are also involved in modulation of pain. This study was designed to assess the effect of systemic ondansetron on sensory and motor block after subarachnoid anaesthesia with hyperbaric bupivacaine. Sixty patients undergoing transurethral resection of bladder tumours(More)
Congenital epulis is a benign soft‐tissue lesion of the alveolar mucosa. It may be sessile or pedunculated and vary in size from several millimetres to a few centimetres.[1,2] Surgical excision is the treatment of choice. The most important aspect of pre‐anaesthetic evaluation is assessment for difficult airway. Literature on the anaesthetic management of(More)
The current available literature is not unanimous in reporting the utility of short-axis and long-axis techniques for radial artery cannulation in both adults and children. This study was designed to compare short-axis out-of-plane (SA-OOP) and long-axis in-plane (LA-IP) techniques in ultrasound-guided radial artery cannulation in adults. In this(More)