Tanvi Jain

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  • Rajendra Bhatia, Grover, Tanvi Jain, Moshe Goldberg
  • 2013
The norm of the mth derivative of the map that takes an operator to its kth antisymmetric tensor power is evaluated. The case m = 1 has been studied earlier by Bhatia and Friedland [R. Bhatia and S. Friedland. Variation of Grassman powers and spectra. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 40:1–18, 1981]. For this purpose a multilinear version of a theorem of(More)
The objective of this paper is to propose a new methodology for text extraction and non text removal from colored images. Text in web pages, library documents etc. is one powerful source of high level semantics. Existing text extraction methods do not work efficiently in case of images with complex background, different contrast or text embedded in a(More)
Data warehousing technology has made a huge impact in the world of business; it helps to turn data into information that helps analysts to make strategic decisions. Currently most data warehouse approaches employ static refresh mechanisms. But for various business requirements this is not an appropriate solution. Some critical data need to be refreshed in(More)
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