Tanvi Harivadanbhai Panwala

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INTRODUCTION Leptospirosis is an acute febrile disease, in tropical and sub-tropical regions of world. It has been under-reported in India, due to presence of non-specific symptoms and unavailability of appropriate laboratory diagnostic facilities in most part of the country. The diagnosis of leptospirosis is usually based on demonstration of antibodies by(More)
INTRODUCTION Various diagnostic methods like Microscopic Agglutination Test (MAT), IgM ELISA, Isolation of Leptospira from the clinical specimen, Rapid leptocheck tests etc., are available for diagnosis of leptospirosis. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is used for diagnosis of various diseases of infectious origin including leptospirosis but there is(More)
To evaluate the serological findings of cattle Leptospirosis which is a zoonotic disease with worldwide distribution caused byLeptospirainterrogans. It is usually mild and often subclinical in cattle but it may lead to higher incidence of abortion, stillbirth, infertility, mastitis, weak progeny and decreased milk production in cattle. 676 cattle serum(More)
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