Tanuja Pande

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A location and tracking system becomes very important to our future world of pervasive computing, where information is all around us. Location is one of the most needed information for emerging and future applications. Since the public use of GPS satellite is allowed, several state-of-the-art devices become part of our life, e.g. a car navigator and a(More)
Due to inherent advantages of high speed transmission, immunity towards multipath and low cost, ultra wide band (UWB) has become the key technology for the next generation of wireless communication systems. This paper addresses the performance of Interleave Design Multiple Access scheme (IDMA), in absence of any narrow band interference. Simulations are(More)
In this paper a survey of power line communications has been presented. As power line distribution networks are available in almost each building that is mainly used for the supply of electrical power, it will be very interesting if such media could be used for the transmission of data. The demand of low cost telecommunication, broadband and access to(More)
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