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Circuit theory textbooks rely heavily on the applicability of Ohms law, which collapses as electronic components reach micro-and nanoscale dimensions. Circuit analysis is examined in the regime where the applied voltage V is greater than the critical voltage $Vc, which triggers the nonlinear behavior. The critical voltage is infinity in the Ohmic regime,(More)
Ethoxyquin (6-ethoxy-2,2,4-trimethyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline (EQ) is a synthetic antioxidant used for preventing rancidity in animal foodstuffs. Three groups of ten fish were given a diet containing respectively 75 (control group with the commercial food), 200 and 400 ppm EQ for 16 days. The control group had a plasma osmolality and chloride concentration(More)
Carrier dynamics in high-Al-content AlGaN epilayers with different dislocation densities from 5 × 10(8) cm(-2) to 5 × 10(9) cm(-2) is studied by comparing the photoluminescence decay with the decay of carrier density. The carrier density decay was investigated using the light-induced transient grating technique. This comparison shows that the luminescence(More)
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