Tantikorn Pichpibul

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In this paper, we have proposed an algorithm that has been improved from the classical Clarke and Wright savings algorithm (CW) to solve the capacitated vehicle routing problem. The main concept of our proposed algorithm is to hybridize the CW with tournament and roulette wheel selections to determine a new and efficient algorithm. The objective is to find(More)
We propose a heuristic approach based on the Clarke-Wright algorithm (CW) to solve the open version of the well-known capacitated vehicle routing problem in which vehicles are not required to return to the depot after completing service. The proposed CW has been presented in four procedures composed of Clarke-Wright formula modification, open-route(More)
—This paper presents the modification of a harmony search algorithm (HS) for the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP). The objective is to find a feasible set of vehicle routes that minimizes the total traveling distance and the number of vehicles used. The modified HS has two stages. First, the probabilistic Clarke-Wright savings algorithm was(More)
The Golden Ball (GB) algorithm is a relatively new meta-heuristic algorithm which can be used to solve the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP). However, its application to solving that problem is still limited. This paper introduces a new technique based on the GB algorithm for solving the CVRP. Our proposed approach employs the solution(More)
This paper addresses the close-open mixed vehicle routing problem (COMVRP) that both close and open variants of the vehicle routing problem are simultaneously considered. The objective is to find the solution which minimizes the total cost of delivery. In this paper, we propose an improved harmony search algorithm (IHSA) composed of two main approaches.(More)
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