Tansu Mertol

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We present our experience with the treatment of 13 patients with Dandy-Walker syndrome. The common presenting symptom and associated central nervous system anomaly were enlargement of head and occipital encephalocele, respectively. Eleven out of 13 patients were treated surgically after stabilization of systemic medical status. Two patients could not be(More)
An infantile intraosseous hematoma of the right parietal bone is presented. This lesion appeared after birth trauma and persisted without any enlargement. It was diagnosed on the 25th day of life and the baby boy was operated on 2 weeks later. The clinical, radiological, surgical and pathological characteristics of this lesion are discussed.
Spinal stenosis may rarely involve both cervical and lumbar spines. An alternative surgical strategy used for the treatment of combined cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis is presented. Two cases with symptomatic combined stenosis of the cervical and lumbar spinal canal are described. Simultaneous surgery was performed in both cases. The combined stenosis(More)
As a cause of revision spinal surgery, spinal epidural abscess after instrumentation-assisted fusion is rare in neurosurgical practice. Postoperative infections are frequently seen in the time period soon after surgery. The authors report on the case of a 45-year-old woman who had undergone posterior instrumentation-augmented fusion for L4-5 degenerative(More)
A rare case of craniopharyngioma presenting as a primary cerebellopontine angle tumour is reported. Unlike normal craniopharyngiomas, preoperative diagnosis is often difficult. Radical removal of a completely cystic tumour is carried out through an unilateral suboccipital exposure. The diagnostic and surgical implications are discussed in the light of few(More)
The history of spinal surgery is an important part of the spine-related sciences. The development of treatment strategies for spine-related disorders is acquired from the Western literature. In this article, an Eastern physician, Ibn Sina, who is known as Avicenna in the West, and his treatise, Al-Qanun fi al-Tibb (the Canons of Medicine), are presented.(More)
STUDY DESIGN An experimental study to investigate whether replacement of the laminae (laminotomy) after subliminal procedures can prevent the invasion of scar tissue towards the dura. SETTING Izmir, Turkey. METHODS Laminectomy and laminotomy were performed at different levels on seven rats. Their spinal columns were investigated histopathologically(More)