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New palladium-catalyzed aerobic oxidative cleavage and cyclization of N-aryl peptide derivatives.
Oxidative cleavage and cyclization cascades of N-aryl peptides have been achieved under palladium catalysis with air as the sole stoichiometric oxidant.
Setting Up an Educational Column Chromatography Experiment from Home
The virtual class instruction, for the students enrolled in the Organic Techniques Laboratory course, allows the understanding of the basic principles of chromatography in a way similar to that in the face-to-face experience.
Efficient oxidative radical spirolactamization.
An efficient xanthate-based method for the preparation of azaspirocyclic cyclohexadienones via an ipso oxidative radical cyclization of p-oxygenated N-benzylacetamides and N-phenetylacetamide is
Total synthesis of syringolin A and B.
The key to the approach was creation of the alpha,beta-unsaturated 12-membered lactam via intramolecular Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons reaction, which presents a rarer example of its application to macrolactams.
Multicomponent reactions of convertible isonitriles.
One focus of the work is isonitriles bearing perfluorinated alkyl groups that enable the ready separation of such reagents from nonfluorinated reaction products using the "light" fluorous method of fluorous solid-phase extraction.
Syringolin B-inspired proteasome inhibitor analogue TIR-203 exhibits enhanced biological activity in multiple myeloma and neuroblastoma
The newly designed proteasome inhibitor TIR-203 is more potent than the natural product SylA and strongly inhibits the cell viability and proteasomal activity of MM and NB cells.
Syrbactin Structural Analog TIR-199 Blocks Proteasome Activity and Induces Tumor Cell Death*
The results suggest that TIR-199 is a potent new proteasome inhibitor with promise for further development into a clinical drug for the treatment of multiple myeloma and other forms of cancer.
Plant-derived endoperoxides: structure, occurrence, and bioactivity
The present review summarizes the current knowledge about the structure, occurrence, peroxide detection methods, stability, biosynthesis, and biological activities of 206 endoperoxides isolated from 1911 to 2019, found in 115 plant species belonging to 36 different plant families.
Efficient Synthesis of Azaspirodienones by Microwave-Assisted Radical Spirocyclization of Xanthate-Containing Ugi Adducts
The sequential use of an Ugi reaction and radical spirocyclization under microwave irradiation conditions is described. The process provides rapid access to spirodienone lactams.