Tanner S. Davies

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Unilamellar vesicles are observed to form in aqueous solutions of the cationic surfactant, cetyl trimethylammonium bromide (CTAB), when 5-methyl salicylic acid (5mS) is added at slightly larger than equimolar concentrations. When these vesicles are heated above a critical temperature, they transform into long, flexible wormlike micelles. In this process,(More)
Photorheological (PR) fluids, i.e., those with light-tunable rheological properties, may be useful in a variety of applications, such as in sensors and microfluidic devices. Currently, the need to synthesize complex photosensitive molecules hampers the applicability of these fluids. Here, we report a simple class of PR fluids that require no special(More)
Title of Thesis: THERMOREVERSIBLE TRANSITIONS BETWEEN SELF-ASSEMBLED NANOSTRUCTURES IN AQUEOUS SOLUTION Degree Candidate: TANNER S. DAVIES Degree and Year: MASTER OF SCIENCE, 2005 Directed by: PROF. SRINIVASA R. RAGHAVAN, DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING We study an unusual transition between two different types of self-assembled structures in aqueous(More)