Tanja Steinhauser

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The Escherichia coli Sm-like host factor I (Hfq) protein is thought to function in post-transcriptional regulation by modulating the function of small regulatory RNAs. Hfq also interferes with ribosome binding on E. coli ompA messenger RNA, indicating that Hfq also interacts with mRNAs. In this study, we have used stimulation of group I intron splicing in(More)
We describe a case of acute rupture of the left proximal ureter as a result of lithiasis. The patient presented with a clinical picture of renal infarction: unilateral flank pain, more than 500 red blood cells per microliter urine and increased serum LDH levels. Abdominal ultrasound as well as a CT scan showed no abnormalities. Only CT angiography of the(More)
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