Tanja Siemsen

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We have established a protocol for the isolation of highly purified peroxisomes from mature Arabidopsis thaliana leaves and analyzed the proteome by complementary gel-based and gel-free approaches. Seventy-eight nonredundant proteins were identified, of which 42 novel proteins had previously not been associated with plant peroxisomes. Seventeen novel(More)
The plant signaling molecule salicylic acid (SA) and/or xenobiotic chemicals like the auxin mimic 2,4-D induce transcriptional activation of defense- and stress-related genes that contain activation sequence-1 (as-1)-like cis-elements in their promoters. as-1-like sequences are recognized by basic/leucine zipper transcription factors of the TGA family.(More)
In the postgenomic era, accurate prediction tools are essential for identification of the proteomes of cell organelles. Prediction methods have been developed for peroxisome-targeted proteins in animals and fungi but are missing specifically for plants. For development of a predictor for plant proteins carrying peroxisome targeting signals type 1 (PTS1), we(More)
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