Tanja Schneeberger

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In this paper, we describe a technique to determine user preferences concerning in-car micro-gesture interaction. The approach is derived from the theater technique [1], and implies a collaborative adjustment of parameters with the experimenter, until the subject has decided about the final settings. We evaluated three systematically selected gestures(More)
The widely used paradigm of faceted browsing is limited by the fact that only one query and result set are displayed at a time. This demonstrator introduces an interaction design for <i>parallel faceted browsing</i> that makes it easy for a user to construct and view the results of multiple interrelated queries. The paradigm offers general benefits for a(More)
Research in the semantic web community has given rise to some powerful methods for visualizing events and related media—mostly in terms of interactive timelines—and for enabling users to interact with these visualizations. The present paper aims to advance this line of research in two ways: (a) by developing interactive visualizations of event hierarchies(More)
Following up on work presented at IESD 2012 introducing the paradigm of multifocal exploration of semantic data, the present paper reports on two user studies of prototypes that instantiate parallel faceted browsing---a generalization of faceted browsing that enables multiple interrelated queries and their results to be displayed at the same time. In the(More)
Intelligent technologies have been used in various ways to support more effective representation and processing of media and documents in terms of the events that they refer to. This demo presents some innovations that have been introduced in a web-based interface to a repository of media and documents that are organized in terms of hierarchically(More)
This paper presents an automotive interaction concept called GetHomeSafe that allows drivers to book hotels, browse news and use both Wolfram Alpha and Facebook safely during driving. GetHomeSafe includes a natural speech dialog system and a graphical user interface both adapted to drivers' needs. In addition to a description of the interaction concept, we(More)
This paper describes a novel and compact design concept for contactless levitation and rotation of a wide annular rotor through the walls of a process chamber. In the proposed set-up, a homopolar magnetic bearing biased by permanent magnets is combined with a high-pole-number segment motor. The paper describes the functional principle of the motor focusing(More)
Support for learning while choosing is a relatively unexplored approach to choice support that takes into account the fact that most everyday choices are strongly influenced by what people have learned while making previous similar choices. In this paper we use a driving scenario as an example for discussing how recommender systems can help people acquire(More)
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