Tanja Rezzonico Jost

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In this work, we show the realization of a fully-implantable device for monitoring free-moving small animals. The device integrates a microfabricated sensing platform, a coil for power and data transmission and two custom designed integrated circuits. The device is intended to be implanted in mice, free to move in a cage, to monitor the concentration of(More)
— A novel system for remote monitoring of metabolism in an animal model is proposed in this paper. The system is obtained by integrating bio-nano-sensors to detect single-metabolites, an electrochemical front-end made with off-the-shelf components, a radio frequency communication subsystem , and an antenna of new design. The system has been calibrated and(More)
Aberrant activation of oncogenes or loss of tumour suppressor genes opposes malignant transformation by triggering a stable arrest in cell growth, which is termed cellular senescence. This process is finely tuned by both cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous mechanisms that regulate the entry of tumour cells to senescence. Whether tumour-infiltrating(More)
— This paper represents the extended version of the conference paper " Developing highly-integrated subcutaneous biochips for remote monitoring of human metabolism " presented at the IEEE Sensors Conference 2012, and presents data on assembly, packaging and short term in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility evaluation of a fully implantable biosensor array.(More)
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