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PURPOSE Pheochromocytoma (PCC) is a usually benign tumor originated in the majority of patients from the adrenal medulla. Regarding sporadic forms of PCC, mechanisms of pathogenesis are largely unknown. Recently, microsatellite-instability (MSI) was discussed as genetic factor contributing to PCC development. Since microsatellite markers used for MSI(More)
In a stochastic environment pooling naturally leads to economies of scale, but heterogeneity can also create variability. In this article, we investigate this trade-off in the case of a manufacturing environment. Pooling for queueing systems has been widely investigated while much less attention has been given to manufacturing systems where jobs are given a(More)
This article is motivated by the case of a company manufacturing industrial equipment that faces two types of demand: on the one hand there are the so-called regular orders for installations or refurbishing of existing facilities, these orders have a relatively long lead time; on the other hand there are urgent orders mostly related to spare parts when a(More)
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